Let's Save Lives

Donate stem cells, earn up to $10K per donation, save the life of a patient in need!

Get Paid, Be A Hero

Pareto is designed to enhance the lives of patients and donors

Payment For Donors

Donors receive up to $10,000 per stem cell donation!

Hope For Patients

Donors provide real hope that patients will find a match!

Everyone Wins

Pareto matches willing donors with patients in need, everybody wins!

Life's About Living!

Pareto aims to enhance the lives of both patients and donors. Patients receive a potentially life-saving transplant of hematopoietic stem cells while donors receive up to $10,000 per donation. 

  • Stem cells for patients.
  • Payment for donors.
  • Everyone wins. 

How Donations Work

Adult stem cells are donated through a process called apheresis. Apheresis allows for stem cells to be removed from the bloodstream, instead of the bone marrow. 

How Matching Works

HLA (human leukocyte antigen) matching is required for a successful donation. With poor HLA matches, a patients immune system often rejects a donors foreign HLA. 

Treatable Diseases

Peripheral Blood Stem Cells help to treat many blood-related diseases and cancers. Learn about the disease states you could help treat. 

Donor Sign Up Process

The donor process begins with learning about donation. Once you feel comfortable, please sign up for one of our donor packages. After that, it's time to swab!

Stem Cell Donation

Learn The Process

Deciding to become a donor is a big decision. We invite all potential donors to consider the impact of donation on their lives. 

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Pareto offers different packages to suit your needs. For Pareto, we allow donors to pay for their kits in order to maximize their earnings upon donation. 


Let's Save Lives

The donation is the entire point of this process. On average, donors have a 1/40 chance of matching for a donation.




Up to $10K

Donor Compensation


Donor Follow Through 


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